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Mini-ITX form factor retro computer kit for collectors and hobbyists.



  • Educational PCB with labeled functional blocks
  • 100% Commander X16 Compatible
  • Genuine 8-bit 65C02 CPU @8MHz
  • 65C22 VIA
  • 512K RAM, expandable to 2MB (RAM expansion sold separately)
  • Through-hole components for easy solder assembly
  • 60-pin expansion port
  • 10-pin front panel connector
  • 4-pin JST-style connector for 5V I2C



  • Mini-ITX OtterX motherboard with RoHS-compliant ENIG finish
  • All ports and components for the motherboard
  • Pre-assembled and tested "VERA X5" video card with the latest firmware
  • Pre-assembled and tested OPM2151 drop-in YM2151 FM-synthesis replacement
  • Pre-programmed SMC microcontroller
  • Pre-flashed 512K ROM


Required for assembly:

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • (optional) Solder flux and braid for cleanup
  • Diagonal or flush cutting pliers
  • Small pliers
  • Phillips-style screwdriver


Additional required hardware:

  • ATX-style 20 or 24-pin power supply
  • PS/2-compatible keyboard
  • VGA-compatible display and 15-pin VGA cable
  • External speakers and 3.5mm plug
  • CR2032 coin cell battery
  • (optional) PS/2 mouse
  • (optional) SNES controller

Otter X16 8-Bit Retro Computer Kit

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