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  • How do I rewind a yoke to work with the kit?
    Jason Kopp made a great video outlining the process. It can be found here:
  • Will the kit work with B&W games
    It could be made to work, but it would need to be powered outside of the standard wiring and the RGB lines would need to be tied together.
  • Will the kit work in non-Atari games
    No, not directly as it is a drop in replacement for the Amplifone or WG6100 in Atari vector games.
  • What is the XY Vector Monitor Kit?
    The XY Vector Monitor Kit is a set of boards and harnesses that allow you to convert a standard raster CRT to a Vector Monitor. This kit is based on a mix between the Amplifone and Wells Gardner 6100 hardware used in Atari vector games. The kit includes: - Deflection board - High Voltage (HV) board - Neck board - Degauss board - Harnesses to connect all the boards together What is needed to build a vector monitor? - The kit - A 19" CRT (no multisync or flat CRTs) - A rewound yoke
  • How do I install the kit?
    installation instructions
  • Updating the RedZone Board
    Update info here
  • Installing the RedZone board
  • What is the RedZone Board?
    info here
  • Installing the WG6100 HV Repro
    Installation instructions here
  • What is a USB-DVG?
    words here :)
  • Installing the USB-DVG Adapter board
    instruction here
  • What are the USB-DVG Adapter Boards?
    explanation here
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